Graphika Manila


Graphika Manila 2015


Typography, Motion Graphics,
Graphic Design


Graphika Manila is one of the biggest design conferences in South East Asia and annually held in Makati, Manila. Aram Behesti, the organiser of Graphika Manila, contacted Machineast to ask if we were interested in rebranding their 10th Anniversary event. We were also invited to be one of the speakers at the event alongside other speakers such as Joshua Davis, Seb Lester, Pomme Chan, AJ Dimarucot to name a few.

The primary concept for Graphika Manila opener derives from the experience of visiting Manila back in 2014. We at Machineast had the opportunity to try the different food that Manila has to offer. One, in particular, was the Halo-halo. In our opinion, the colourful dessert represents the people of Manila, a mash-up of everything awesome and unique into one cup. It's oh-so-tasty! 

The concept, art direction and animation by Machineast. Animation collaboration with Dionisius K & music by Sebastian Oliwa.