Funktionslust EP Cover


Graphic Design, Print


Funktionslust - the London duo (Sage Redman & Joe Gillick) unleash their new album that weaves together elements of coldwave, post-punk and contemporary electronica. Their sound is emotional yet driven, a selection of shimmering electronic beats simmering along nicely with soft and hazy vocals.

" The name 'Funktionslust' is a German word which means 'deriving pleasure from the act of creating something'.

At its core, we believe the EP is about the dichotomy of the equally euphoric and isolating aspects of being in an insular relationship with another person, and the sexual undercurrents that exist in their wake. Isolation can lead to existential pondering while the shared joy in things can lead to the highest form of excitement and happiness.
Our music attempts to highlight the juxtaposition of darkness and joy, heaviness and light, complex and simplistic. Our music possesses experimental tendencies and lots of nuances, which we present through the universal veil of pop music. "
- Funktionslust

After discussing with the duo, we've got a clear idea of how their music is the contradicting values between darkness and light, complexity and simplicity. This was when we came up with the mood and design of the album. We envisioned something that is engulfed in the darkness and having a simple frame as a gateway to a world of possibilities, joy and colours. Just like the feeling you get when you are listening to their album.